Hamilton Police Services Board
Revised Agenda

Due to COVID-19 Hamilton Police Services Board Meetings Will Temporarily be Taking Place Virtually - All electronic meetings can be viewed at: https://hamiltonpolice.on.ca/about/police-services-board (under meetings)

That the Board approve a donation in the amount of $500 to support the 'Pledge from the Heart' online auction run by Good Shepherd to benefit vulnerable people in the Hamilton community.

That the correspondence be received as information; and

That Board members and staff be approved to attend the Ontario Association of Police Services Board's 2021 Labour Conference on November 18, 2021. 

That correspondence from the City of Hamilton with regards to 2022 Operating Budget Submission for the Hamilton Police Services Board dated October 25, 2021 be received as information; and

That the correspondence be forwarded to the Budget Sub-Committee for consideration.

  1. That the Board pre-approve the expenditure of $1,901,392 for the purchase of new and used police vehicles in the 2022 Police Capital Budget;
  2. That the Board pre-approve the expenditure of $480,930 for up-fitting of 2022 vehicles in the 2022 Police Capital Budget;
  3. That the Board pre-approve the expenditure of $171,435 for the purchase/replacement and up-fitting of three (3) patrol frontline vehicles that have been written-off during 2021, using the funds received from the City of Hamilton Risk Management Department. The funds for the replacement are to be taken from the Police Vehicle Reserve #110020;
  4. That the Board approve the new 2022 vehicles to be purchased through the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services - Vehicle Acquisition Vendor of Record;
  5. That the Board approve the single source procurement for the 2022 Vehicle Upfitting Services from Kerr Industries Limited pursuant to Policy #11 – Non-Competitive Procurement until December 31, 2026, and that the Chief of Police be authorized to negotiate, enter into and execute any required Contract and any ancillary documents required to give effect thereto with, in a form satisfactory to the City Solicitor;
  6. That the Board approve the purchase of the used plain door vehicles, as outlined in PSB 02-052 – Used Vehicle Purchases.

That the Board provide feedback to the Ministry of the Solicitor General regarding the proposed changes to the Police Record Checks Reform Act with regards to removing Police Services Board powers to charge fees for police record checks for volunteers.

That By-law 96-004 be repealed and replaced by By-law 21-001, attached as Appendix "A"; and

That the Records Retention Schedule attached as Appendix “B” be adopted as Schedule “A” to By-Law 21-001.

(This item was deferred from the Board's September 16, 2021 meeting).

That the Board approve the amendment to the Special Constables appointment application to include the following:

  1. Searching, guarding and controlling of persons in custody
  2. Providing security at premises occupied as courts or police facilities
  3. Service and execution of documents
  4. Transportation of prisoners within and outside of the jurisdiction of Hamilton
  5. Fingerprinting, photographing and extracting DNA of persons in accordance with legislation
  6. Controlling access to and protecting the integrity of crime scenes
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